Are You Too Grown Up For Your Own Good?

Are You Too Grown Up For Your Own Good?


As you grow older, there a lot of things about your life that changes. We tend to lose sight of the little things and it’s these things that are often the most important and allow us to still find the joy on a daily basis in everything we do.

Children still have a certain spark and outlook on life and by remembering this about ourselves; we gain a whole new perspective on things that seemed rather daunting or hard to do.

  • Be fearless in your quest to fulfil your dreams.

We live with too many what if’s and maybe’s. We deal with disappointments and frustrations. But letting these things get in the way of where you want to be shouldn’t be an option. Everybody is afraid and disheartened at some point but you need to feel the fear and push on regardless.

  • Laugh with Reckless Abandon.

When last did you have a really good laugh? The kind where your stomach hurts and the tears are rolling down your cheeks. Don’t be afraid to get a bit silly. It’s great for the soul and this energy flows over into every other area of your life.

  • Trust Your Gut.

“All the learning in the world cannot replace instinct.” – Robert Ley. This is something that you can apply in your personal and professional life. Having the right kind of information before making a big decision is also vitally important but sometimes you just need to go with your first instincts.

  • Drop The Judgement.

Ever watched children making friends on the playground? It’s so easy for them. They don’t strike up a conversation first to make sure that they have something in common or choose a buddy based on what they are wearing. Take a page from this book and teach yourself to give others a chance before making your conclusions.

  • Never Stop Being Curious.

Don’t let age or any other factor stop you from trying something new. Get curious about something new at least once a week. Learn a skill you have always wanted to or take up that hobby you usually push to the side.

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Casandra Visser
Casandra Visser is a Digital Marketing & Content Strategist and writes for Entrepreneur Media SA.