Be Your Absolute Best

Be Your Absolute Best


Greatness doesn’t happen by chance, nor does it occur in a vacuum. Greatness comes from, first, a passion for what you do; and second, a clear understanding of what you can and want to be best at.

The third component involved in any great story about someone going from rags to riches, overcoming adversity, or achieving success in any area of life is a personal code of honour: a set of personal rules and agreements that they are unwilling to compromise.

Do you have a code of honour? What are your rules? To what do you hold yourself accountable? Who the heck are you?

What do you stand for?

Because when all the smoke clears, you can lose your money, your possessions, your friends and even your health, but you will always have your honour.

In those terms, what is your code of honour? The most powerful people are not always the most well known.

Sometimes they may be sitting in the office next door. They are the people who have decided in life to take a stand about who they are, what their standards are and who they want to be, without regrets.

If you haven’t done so already, sit down and look at your financial life, your health, your relationships and your values, and create your code. What are you willing to commit to for yourself and your family? What do you stand for?

Determine your own destiny

Try this exercise. Answer each of the following questions in the form of a list:

  • What am I most passionate about?
  • What can I be best at?
  • What do I want to be best at?
  • What do I stand for?
  • What do I want out of life?
  • How can I achieve my goals?
  • Who do I know that has what I want (or admire?) Why do I admire them?
  • What do I see as unacceptable behaviours for successful people?
  • What do I dislike? What would I like to avoid?
  • What are my necessities in life?
  • What should every person try at least once before they die?

Can you think of any more questions? Use your answers to begin to form your personal code. Once you have your code you will find a new level of focus and a more defined path to achieving your life goals.

If you are an entrepreneur, business owner or manager, once you have started this process you will feel the value of how you can extend this into your business. Imagine how you could strengthen your business by strengthening your team.

Superior teams

Your business has a lot more potential than it’s currently delivering – and you can unlock it… Teach your team members how to survive, thrive and get to the next level in any economy with a formula for success. It’s about more than individual talent.

While talent is important, a superior team will typically win the day. The problem is that most business teams operate at sub-optimal or even dysfunctional levels. The formula for taking ordinary people and turning them into a championship team requires vision, rules, teaching, and accountability. It’s not magic, and it doesn’t happen by chance.

What would happen if you had a team that:

  • Holds itself accountable without you having to do it
  • Allowed you to focus on your vision and strategy as opposed to playing traffic cop
  • Was motivated and energized by something more than a mere salary
  • Is more attractive to money, resources, alliances and opportunities

What would your business be like if you had this kind of a team? If you start with yourself, you’ll be able to share those same values, vision and goals with your team, and the whole business will reap the rewards.

Lorna Powe
Lorna Powe has worked as an executive level business professional for over 15 years. She is experienced in leading business and technology change to ultimately meet strategies, and improve business performance. She is the Founder of SalesPartners RoseBankTM, a global sales and business development company that helps entrepreneurs and organisations increase sales and leadership, improve profitability, and build championship teams. Visit the Sales Partners Rosebank website for more information