Conscious Communication

Conscious Communication


A person’s communication competency defines and affects all their business relationships and dealings, and this defining factor determines their success or failure.

Our mission at Corporate Intelligence Training is to create ‘Conscious communicators’. A ‘Conscious communicator’ is the term coined by me to describe a fully empowered communicator who knows and understands how the communication process works.

A ‘Conscious Communicator’ is someone who has been enlightened through gaining powerful communication knowledge, has experienced this powerful knowledge first hand, and then is able to leverage their communication skills and ability in order to achieve their personal and professional objectives.

A great way to illustrate our concept of ‘Conscious communication’ is to break it down in the acronym ‘C-O-N-S-C-I-O-U-S’ …

C-ONFIDENT – Conscious Communicators are confident. They have overcome their personal limiting beliefs, and their knowledge of how to communicate effectively has empowered them to succeed.

O-PEN MINDS, EARS, BODY LANGUAGE – The hardest and most powerful thing is to be open. Conscious Communication is honest, clear, and highly successful.

N-ON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION – 55% of our communication impact is made non-verbally. Conscious Communicators have learned how to read Body Language, and know how to give off the right Body Language signals.

S-TRESS MANAGEMENT – Stress poisons and damages our communication potential. Conscious Communicators have learned effective Stress Management techniques to remain in control when they are under pressure.

C-LARITY OF SPEECH & MESSAGE – The purpose of communication is to be understood. Conscious ‘communicators who have undergone powerful vocal development training, communicate effectively and are easily understood.

I-NTELLIGENCE – Conscious ‘communicators know and understand how important The Emotional and Linguistic Intelligences are in the 21st century. They use this knowledge to influence and lead others. Conscious Communicators have also learned the importance of thinking before they engage and respond to communication challenges.

O-PPORTUNISTIC – Conscious communicators have learned how to leverage their communication skills and ability to be strategic and achieve their goals.

U-S – Conscious communicators have learned to work collectively in teams towards a unified society for the good of all.

S-UCCESS – Conscious communicators succeed. They are positively programmed, are strategic in their thinking and have the communications kills and ability to win.

Isn’t it time you became a ‘conscious communicator’?

John French
John French is a highly respected communication strategist and high level communication skills trainer. He has been an industry expert for the last 16 years and is the founder of Corporate Intelligence Training: