Cultivate your Personal Brand

Cultivate your Personal Brand


While you are in the process of evaluating your personal brand it is important to find out how others perceive you, as an arrogant person, or as a confident person? There seems to be a fine line between the two, which we are bound to cross at some point in our lives.

But first it is important to understand the difference between the two, as they are not interchangeable terms, before you can start to address any issues that may arise and to help you prevent being negatively perceived as a result.

Arrogance vs confidence

There are a number of definitions for arrogance, but basically it seems that most people perceive someone who feels the need to make themselves feel smart or superior at the expense of someone else, or by making them feel inferior – as arrogance. Arrogant people tend to focus on showing other people’s flaws, or insist on interrupting and correcting people due to the fact that they themselves are feeling insecure. It is the only way they can get close to feeling important, as they seek external validation. Most arrogant people are compensating for a lack of confidence, or they are trying to hide their own insecurities.

Confidence on the other hand is perceived by most people as an internal sense of competence in one’s own abilities. A confident person will be genuine and try to help others out by contributing through the effective use of their abilities. A confident person also rarely finds the need for external validation in order to define their sense of self-worth, as confidence is built up over time, not overnight.

Below are some tips on how to avoid being perceived as arrogant through certain behaviours:

  • Make eye contact! Arrogant people are self-absorbed and will constantly be looking past whomever they are talking to – for someone else who in their mind can benefit them more.
  • Don’t drop names out of context. Only use someone’s name if it is directly relevant and appropriate – not just to make idle conversation. Arrogant people usually feel the need to ramble on about who they know, where they met or who is in their social circle.
  • Never use put-downs or speak in a condescending manner to others. Arrogance will result in people being turned off and loosing respect for you, as well as losing their loyalty.
  • Don’t interrupt conversations. Arrogant people don’t really listen to others; they are only concerned about themselves and therefore interject the conversation frequently.
  • Don’t try and one-up the person you are talking to. Bragging is the action of an arrogant person. Confident people let their accomplishments speak for themselves.
  • Don’t be a “know it all”. A confident person will have no problem admitting that they lack the knowledge or have made a mistake, but are very willing to learn.
  • Arrive on time for meetings and apologize if you are late. Only arrogant people think that their time is more valuable than others.
  • Don’t blame others, accept responsibility if you have made a mistake.
Michelle Clarke
Michelle Clarke is a Leadership, Expat and Executive Coach with a speciality in Personal Branding. A South African by birth, she is currently based in Santiago de Chile while she coaches clients across the globe using Skype and other web based platforms. She is a lover of photography, animals and all things tech. Visit or for more details.