Don’t Snooze and Lose: You Can Become a Morning Person

Don’t Snooze and Lose: You Can Become a Morning Person


This morning the alarm sounded extra annoying, the bed felt ridiculously comfortable and your feet felt heavy. You snoozed your alarm three times, woke up in a panic and rushed to work with your flask of coffee, not feeling your best and you wondered to yourself how anyone could ever be a morning person.

The bad news is that studies show that the ability to wake up early is in our genes. The gene that was discovered has a direct effect on our circadian rhythm.

For us mere mortals, that’s your body’s 24-hour clock. The good news is that biological conditioning and environmental factors also play a role in making you feel bright-eyed and bushy-tailed so there is hope for the night owls yet.

Try just one of the below suggestions this week and slowly work your way to morning-person status, at least most of the week anyway:

  1. Discover an App. There a number of amazing apps out there that help track your sleep cycles and ensure that you wake up at the right time. Say good-bye to the snooze button and bad bedtime habits.
  2. Reward Yourself. Success! You didn’t hit snooze. Take the time to make yourself a hearty breakfast or turn on the kettle and sip on your favourite coffee blend while you read a funny blog.
  3. Get Pumped. What are you looking to achieve today, this week or in the next 6 months? Have a look at your goals on a daily basis and track your progress. This is a great reminder about why you are putting in that extra effort.
  4. Early Riser. Little by little begin to change your bedtime routine. Aim to hit the hay a little earlier so that you can get up earlier and have more time to spare.
  5. Crank Up the Tunes. Instead of listening to the news on your way to your meeting, put on some feel-good music and sing along. Life is good
  6. Here Comes the Sun. Our brains are sensitive to temperature and light, which is why it can be hard to sleep past a certain time of the day. Invest in a Light Box or move your bed next to a window without heavy curtains or blinds so that the sun can wake you up.
  7. Start Slow. Try not to check anything work-related until you actually get to the office. Focus on getting a better start to your day so that you can give it your all the rest of the day.

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Casandra Visser
Casandra Visser is a Digital Marketing & Content Strategist and writes for Entrepreneur Media SA.