Find Your Happy Place

Find Your Happy Place


Everywhere you go you can’t escape the pervasive story about economic crisis and recession. But negative stories increase personal stress, anxiety, and fear and decrease your ability to be an empowered entrepreneur.

Here are five reasons why you should drop the ‘recession’ mentality.

1. Write your own story

Whatever stories you fill your mind with will quickly become your reality. Do you really want to scrimp and save for the next decade? Then stop filling your head with stories about the economic crisis and create another empowering story.

2. There are two economies – yours and the macro-economy

There are still people making millions – some are even making more money than before. The difference between them and the majority is that they realise there are two economies – your economy and your country or world economy. As an individual there is not much you can do about the world economy but you can influence your own personal bank balance.

3. Look for opportunities

Warren Buffet says “When everyone is greedy be fearful and when everyone is fearful, be greedy.” People are fearful, so now is the perfect time to capitalise on opportunities that others are too scared to take.

The courageous will prosper and thrive. So get courageous, do things differently to the majority. Will it take effort? Certainly, but the rewards will be huge. Now is the time.

4. Fear destroys

Creation as an energy form is expansive and growing. Fear contracts and debilitates. When you are fearful you don’t take action and you live in a constant state of negativity and mediocrity.  If you really want to create an amazing business, where you are turning your goals into reality, conquer the fears around you, and take on the expansive and thriving energy of creation.

5. Your country needs you

Your country needs you to be someone who creates value and moves the world out of this macro financial state. The longer people are paralysed by fear and scarcity, the longer it will take the economy to move out of recession. The longer you remain in the ‘story’ of financial crisis, the longer the world will remain in the same story.

Your country and the world needs you to adopt an empowering story of creation, opportunity, wealth and abundance to shift the current energy. It is all up to you.

Donna McCallum
Donna McCallum is also known as the Fairy Godmother. She has helped thousands of people in South Africa, the UK and the US focus on their dreams and goals. She is the author of The Fairy Godmother’s Guide to Getting What you Want and runs empowering 12 Week Money Magic Online Programme to help people transform their relationship to money. Prior to being a Fairy Godmother, Donna was a successful entrepreneur having started, built and sold businesses in media and marketing. For more info on Donna and the Money Magic courses, visit the Fairy Godmother website.