From Arrogance to Enlightenment

From Arrogance to Enlightenment


There’s no doubt that the entrepreneur’s journey is tough, and that it takes a certain personality to be able to approach the risks and uncertainties of starting and then running your own business. Incredible optimism, an almost unbreakable belief that success is inevitable and more than a little arrogance are vital in the pursuit of the holy grail for all entrepreneurs: a successful and sustainable business.

It’s those traits that not only shape an entrepreneur – but the start of the entrepreneurial journey. Pavlo Phitidis, a business consultant and founder of incubator Aurik, has drawn on a concept well known in most philosophies, from the ancient Greeks, to taoism, jungianism and the kabala, to explain the shape of this journey.

Stage 1

In the first stage, the entrepreneur is arrogant and completely sure of him or herself. What they don’t grasp at this stage is how much they not only don’t know, but don’t even realise exists.

Stage 2

Stage 2 usually follows after the entrepreneur has been in business for a while. Their business awareness is broadening, but all this means is that they are realising how little they actually know. It’s a terrifying position to find oneself in.

Stage 3

Entrepreneurs who reach stage 3 have broadened their knowledge, but they still do not know everything. However, they are completely aware and accepting of this fact. And it’s here that success lies. Entrepreneurs who reach this stage instead of staying stuck in one of the first two stages will find success because although they accept that they can never know everything – and are humbled by what they don’t know – they never stop trying to learn or better themselves or their business.

Nadine Todd
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