How to Adopt the Right Mind-Sets – Part 1

How to Adopt the Right Mind-Sets – Part 1


A mind-set is defined as a way of looking at the world. This view impacts your behaviour and as a result, your success. Adopting the right mind-sets are vital if you want to be successful in your career.

The four correct mind-sets are:

  • I create my career success
  • I seek to be engaged
  • My career is my responsibility
  • I learn.

Read the scenario below and choose the option you naturally gravitate to.

Dave is sitting in traffic (again!) on his way to work. He notices a billboard with an extravagant promise of a luxurious lifestyle with lots of friends enjoying themselves in all the best locations around the world. The person behind him hoots impatiently and shocks him out of his reverie. His thoughts return to his desk and the mound of paperwork that he has to get through by 5pm. He also thinks…

Option 1: It must be great to live such a fantastic life. I know that it’s only the lucky few who ever get to live that way. I must make a note to buy a Lotto ticket on my way home, if I’m not too exhausted or stuck in the usual traffic.

Option 2: If I apply my mind, I can finish the paperwork quickly and then do some research before attending the ‘Innovation Hub’. I’m looking forward to hearing from the guest speaker, but it’s also a great opportunity to network.

Getting the right mind-set

The mind-set introduced here is the first of four namely, I create my career success. This means that you realise and believe that your own actions, attitude and hard work determines your results. They determine how you experience and engage with the world. You can create new possibilities for yourself if you take the initiative.

If you have gone with option 1 you need to change this mind-set. Doing so is as simple as deciding to do it. The challenge is reminding yourself of your new mind-sets when you are faced with daily challenges.

Kerry Dawkins
Kerry is the founder of Potential at Work, a consultancy specialising in the development of emerging talent. She is a senior mentor for the Oprah Winfrey Foundation and understands the challenges faced by South Africans on their journey of education to employment and then into the workplace. As an advisor, coach and mentor to corporates on key- and emerging talent programmes, she has gained understanding of the need to retain talent while raising the levels of thinking, connectedness and on-the-job effectiveness. In addition, Kerry co-authored a book with Graeme Codrington entitled Navigating your Career in the New World of Work.