How To Double Your Desired Income In the Next 6 Months

How To Double Your Desired Income In the Next 6 Months


In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Peter Voogd talks about ambition and follow-through.

In January, every gym across the country is packed with people trying to work on their New Year’s resolutions.

By February, though, the gyms are usually empty again as people give up on their goals.

By writing down your goals, creating a consistent work ethic and understanding your potential, you can achieve much more than people on the outside could even imagine.

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Peter Voogd
Peter Voogd is CEO of and is the leading authority on Gen y leadership. He’s trained well over 4,000 young entrepreneurs, and built an 8 million dollar sales organization by age 27. His podcasts, videos, websites, and social media reaches over 100,000 people monthly.