How You Can Harness The Power of Total Recall

How You Can Harness The Power of Total Recall


The problem is that most of our memories are less like a steel trap and more like a leaky sieve. Here are five tips from Harry Lorayne, co-author of The Memory Book, for improving your memory skills.

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1. Write it down

Making lists clears your mind, so you can concentrate on other tasks, while still keeping a record of everything you need to do, in descending order of urgency.

2. Use technology

Call your voice mail and leave yourself a message, send yourself an email, use the voice recorder on your smartphone or make use of a free app like Evernote. Just make sure you’re making your life more manageable, and that the info you need is easy to collect and find.

3. Practice association

Too often we recognise faces but can’t remember names. Learn to associate names with something totally unrelated. So when you meet someone new at a networking event, tell yourself, Joe reminds me of my sister’s partner Joe because they both have moustaches.

4. Build your listening skills

Your memory might be poor because you’re not actually listening to people. Give your full attention to discussions and you might be surprised how much you retain.

5. Relax

You won’t remember everything to begin with. That’s okay. Practice deep breathing, listen to soothing music or go for a walk. The act of relaxing will jog your memory.

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