Losing That Spring in your Step? Try These 3 Quick-Fixes

Losing That Spring in your Step? Try These 3 Quick-Fixes


The adrenalin of building and maintaining performance in your business can be energy sapping.

Juggling sales, marketing, and collections to keep cash flows healthy can take a toll on you, the owner, as well as your team.

The right dose of simple energising ideas will lift your team and help rediscover the magic.

1. Start with your stride

Change it if it has lost its swagger. It reflects your mind-set and sends a message that the pressures are taking a toll on you. Soon, a general climate of despair engulfs your team and the downward spiral begins.

It can cost you your entrepreneurial dream right as you are about to realise it.

2. Control your speech

If it has lost the ‘can do’ element, redirect it to positive territory without overly compensating for cracks that need to be closed.

All pep talks with your team must spell out what is going wrong and the potential for further damage if no action is taken, but always conclude with what could go right. Employees need periodic refocusing on your true north and how it will make them and the business better.

3. Celebrate winning attitudes

Winning is preceded by the right attitude, followed by skills and team application. Foster a climate where the packing order is attitude-based by quickly, publicly affirming the lead ‘can-doers’ of your team.

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Lizwe Nkala
Lizwe Nkala is an influential corporate strategist working at executive and board levels of large corporations. He is the MD of Flamingo Moon Consulting and a founding partner of the Strategic Thinking Institute, where he coaches executives and presents tailored strategic thinking seminars and webinars, and provides strategic thinking tools and templates on a subscription basis for corporate clients. For more, visit www.flamingomoon.co.za