Make Yourself Smarter

Make Yourself Smarter


Your brain is the most important tool you own. The more you know, the further you are likely to go in life. Increasing your brain power can help you advance in your career and your personal life. Just as the human body can be strengthened and toned through exercise, so too the mind can be fortified and sharpened through a process of brain building. That’s according to NDJ Consultants, an accredited training provider which is offering a two-day programme that is designed to stretch and improve your mind through a series of practical exercises. It starts slowly and simply and lets you gradually strengthen every area of your thinking.

Programme Highlights

Included are several modules: an overview of the brain, the difference between the brain and intelligence, building your vocabulary, building a calculating brain, logical problem-solving, building your intuition, intellectual orientation, improving your attention span, developing your sense, and increasing the value of information.
The methodology includes self-assessments, quizzes, individual class exercises and group discussion.
The programme will be run in March, June, September and December.

R2 500

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