Mental Strength Is As Critical As Your Business Plan

Mental Strength Is As Critical As Your Business Plan


So you have the passion for your venture and the business plan to match. Better still, funding is secured to give confidence for the future. Soon you will discover that no plan can survive contact on the battlefield.

In your arsenal, add mental strength and resilience in three centres of your life.

Inner-directed strength

Use it to absorb external shocks like disappointments, rejection, anxiety and even depression in the heat of battle. Converse with yourself; find alone time to clear your mind. Put energy into what you can control, be aware that no one owes you a positive attitude and that failure is the food of champions.

Outer-directed strength

Looking outside of your business, what do you see? The doom and gloom of past failures, collapsing businesses, a weak economy and bad news in general? Or do you see opportunity to ride the next upswing, while taking lessons from your past? This strength gets you identifying winners to emulate, overcoming jealousy, multiplying friendships and building that aura of positivity to energise executing your business plan.

Team-directed strength

Taking charge of your feelings and how you see the world determines how you lead and inspire your team. Your team senses your mental attitude in the face of challenges and victories: They rise and fall on it. Cultivate mental strength today; it may be the only thing separating your business from success.

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Lizwe Nkala
Lizwe Nkala is an influential corporate strategist working at executive and board levels of large corporations. He is the MD of Flamingo Moon Consulting and a founding partner of the Strategic Thinking Institute, where he coaches executives and presents tailored strategic thinking seminars and webinars, and provides strategic thinking tools and templates on a subscription basis for corporate clients. For more, visit