(Questionnaire) How to Adopt the Right Mind-Sets

(Questionnaire) How to Adopt the Right Mind-Sets


1.  What is the most effective way to overcome a career dilemma?

  1. Persist in what you are doing, work hard, and be grateful that you have a job.
  2. Update your CV and post it on as many social network sites as you can.
  3. Never give up: it’s important to be positive and keep hoping for a lucky break.
  4. Learn the skills and strategies necessary to direct your career.

2.  If you were intentionally competent at navigating your career, what would you be doing?

  1. Thinking about finding a job that would really make you happy.
  2. Collapsing on the couch at the end of the work day because you are exhausted.
  3. Spending some time on a list of what you like, what you’re good at, and how you can add value.
  4. Waiting for HR to publish a list of training courses for the next quarter.

3.  The starting point for your successful career navigation is to adopt a mind-set of personal responsibility. Which steps could you take to show that you are serious about this mind-set?

  1. Read a book on the new ‘green’ careers for environmentally responsible people.
  2. Commit to learning about yourself and the world of work so that you can generate possible career options and evaluate them in a meaningful way.
  3. Research organisations that offer lifetime employability, and then apply with a nice covering letter.
  4. Make a firm decision that you’re going to find a new job all by yourself, without expecting help from anyone else.

4.  At the end of a project, the team leader asks everyone to share their thoughts on what worked, what didn’t work, and what they are going to take from this project as a best practice. You realise that you could also use this information to steer your career. In what way?

  1. You would be practicing a new mind-set by being open to this opportunity to learn.
  2. You know that to be a successful 21st century worker, you have to be willing to unlearn.
  3. You resolve to make management aware of all the things that didn’t work, so that they don’t assign you to projects for which you don’t have the knowledge and skills.
  4.  You realise that you could learn more about the office politics, and what you should be doing in order to get a bonus.

5.  You’re scanning the newspaper and are amazed by the numbers of new car sales. You can only imagine what it would be like to buy a new car! For now, imagination is enough. You know what job you want, you’re studying to get the qualifications, and you’re doing your best in your part-time job right now.  What would a successful career navigator tell you about your situation? 

  1. You can’t live in a fantasy world. Get real about your knowledge and skills and stick to a job that you can do.
  2. It’s okay to dream, but just remember that only the lucky few ever make their dreams come true. Find a secure job with a big company, and you’ll be fine.
  3. You seem to have the right mind-set and are doing the right things. You’ll be successful because you know where you are going and are putting in the hard work to get there.
  4. Even though you’re putting in all the effort, you still need a little bit of luck. Find someone rich to marry!

6.  You’ve been thinking about the mind-set, ‘I seek to be engaged’, and what you could do to feel more energised by your work. Which of the following options should you try?

  1. Grab a double espresso with your muffin on your way to work each morning.
  2. Just accept that it’s going to take longer than you thought to get promoted, and settle down to some hard work.
  3. Approach HR for a discussion on career opportunities in the business, with an increase or chance to earn commission or a bonus.
  4. Speak to your manager about some changes that you’d like to make to your job, so that you can build better relationships with your customers. That’s the part of your job that you really like.

7.  You’ve always been afraid of making mistakes. At work, you’re even more wary of saying something stupid or embarrassing yourself. However, if you were to adopt the right mind-set, you’d have to change this. Which affirmation could you stick up on your mirror to help?

  1. I welcome mistakes as an opportunity to learn and grow.
  2. I forgive my boss for putting me in awkward positions.
  3. I can’t do anything better than my best.
  4. I know that this is a stepping stone to something better.

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Kerry Dawkins
Kerry is the founder of Potential at Work, a consultancy specialising in the development of emerging talent. She is a senior mentor for the Oprah Winfrey Foundation and understands the challenges faced by South Africans on their journey of education to employment and then into the workplace. As an advisor, coach and mentor to corporates on key- and emerging talent programmes, she has gained understanding of the need to retain talent while raising the levels of thinking, connectedness and on-the-job effectiveness. In addition, Kerry co-authored a book with Graeme Codrington entitled Navigating your Career in the New World of Work.