Small Actions Can Make a Big Difference in SA

Small Actions Can Make a Big Difference in SA


We celebrate Lead SA’s fourth birthday this month. The impact that Lead SA has had in only four years seems incredible. But then I think: That’s the whole point, that through the actions of many individuals, we can make a change.

Last month, for example we commemorated the first International Mandela Day since our beloved Madiba died last year.

 In a country where hunger is real, and hungry people work and live right next to us, planting vegetables on your pavement for public use is a simple change which will have a direct, meaningful effect on the life of someone else. It may feed a person or family, who may otherwise not have had a meal.

How much nicer would it be to feed someone than look at colourful flowers and grass? It is easy to become overwhelmed and intimidated by the scale of an issue, like food security. But when you break down the problem and think about what you can do, as an individual, it’s quite easy to play your part.

Let’s start with what we can do. Together, all of our small actions can make an impact. As we lead ourselves, we will Lead SA.

Yusuf Abramjee
Three years ago Yusuf Abramjee head: news and current affairs, Primedia Broadcasting, was part of a small but committed group of citizens who asked how they could make a difference in our society and encourage others to do the same. The result was Lead SA.