The Best ‘You’ You Can Be

The Best ‘You’ You Can Be


We’ve all faced bumps in the road that are beyond our control. But the vocabulary we use to deal with them – clichés like ‘life is hard,’ ‘people are fake’ or ‘business is difficult’ – can be our undoing if we aren’t careful.

Here’s the deal

These phrases not only colour our world, they can actually form your personal worldview — and let you believe that things (especially bad things) are beyond your control and not your fault, which is a form of self-sabotage, particularly for an entrepreneur.

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So, how can you stamp out this behaviour before you do any (or more) harm to your business? Here are two tips for changing your mind for good:

1. Create the world you want to live in

By changing our beliefs, we can change what we experience. Take a few minutes and perform the exercise that author Jason Womack shares in his book, Your Best Just Got Better. Fill in the blanks with what you want to invest in and create in your world. Then post it somewhere you will see every day.

  • Life is             ______________________
  • People are     ______________________
  • Business is   ______________________
  • Men are         ______________________
  • Women are   ______________________

This way, you will start to consciously construct the world you want to live in, rather than live in the negative world others have popularised. Your beliefs aren’t right or wrong, what matters is ascertaining which beliefs will empower your life and business.

2. Adopt a growth mindset

Change is a part of growth, says Carol Dweck, a professor of psychology who has studied the way people think for the past 40 years. Her research shows that people have two predominant mindsets when it comes to their abilities: Either a fixed mindset or a growth mindset.

A fixed mindset is exactly that, fixed. A person believes their athletic, creative, leadership or business abilities are finite and static, and no amount of effort can grow those abilities. This mindset often creates a desire to prove oneself over and over again.

By contrast, a person with a growth mindset believes their potential is unlimited, and that with hard work and effort their abilities can grow over time. Those with a fixed mindset tend to under-achieve on average, whereas those with a growth mindset often tend to over-achieve.

Joshua Medcalf
Joshua Medcalf founded Train to be CLUTCH, a business and life consultancy, and works with top performers all over the world.