Tips To Help Reignite Your Passion

Tips To Help Reignite Your Passion


It happens to nearly everyone. You’re bored. Tired of what you do. You’re not even close to where you hoped your business would be by now. You feel like you’re losing ground and don’t know how to get energised and ready for the next round.

Follow some of these suggestions to boost your flagging enthusiasm:

1. Become an industry insider.
Take the next step to becoming savvier about what’s going on in your field. Become a presenter or attend a conference you’ve always wanted to go to. You can always become more involved, whether it’s helping at a local event, writing articles for a publication or lobbying for a cause your industry cares about.

2. Sharpen your skills.
You may be good at what you do. But someone else in your field knows more than you do, has more skills than you do or has that extra edge. Nothing chases away a slump faster than learning something new. Look for training sessions at universities and business schools.

3. Find a mentor.
One of the best ways to insulate yourself against business failure is to find and work with a mentor, someone with business experience who can guide and assist you. Nothing is better than having a go-to person with whom to discuss your ideas and concerns.

4. Grow your network.
You know you need a professional network of people to help you open doors, get you in someone’s office or help you close a deal. But there are other advantages, too. When you find the right group of people and you click, it can be fun. Group events, socialising one-on-one and even commiserating about similar situations and feelings can remind you that you aren’t alone and that a new day is just around the corner.

5. Dealing with naysayers.
Most of us deal with some clients or customers we can’t seem to please, no matter what we do. Take their comments in your stride and see if what they are saying is honest. If it is, take measures to improve your business. If it’s not, focus on the positive testimonials you have gotten. Keep a folder of those positive comments and revisit them often. Better yet, add those testimonials to your website. They’re great for attracting new clients and are a real mood booster when you’re having “one of those days.”