Tool To Help You Learn How to Negotiate

Tool To Help You Learn How to Negotiate


Think about it. We negotiate all day, but most of us don’t realise it, nor do we have a clue how to really do it well.It doesn’t matter if it’s only a straightforward business transaction – simply discussing an insurance plan for example – so much can go wrong if you don’thave good negotiating skills.

Beef up your ability to bargain with The Institute of Business Management’s “Art of Negotiation”, a short,self-study course. The syllabus includes a number of useful modules such as “What is Negotiation?” which explains how to tell the difference between a friendly chat and a serious deal.

Another module is “Concessions”. What should be conceded if anything, and how much and when? “Dangers in Negotiation” is a topic which addresses the pitfalls in negotiation and how to avoid them.

There is so much more to learn too, from bargaining well by learning how to use your strong points, to applying the right amount of pressure and more. By the time you’ve completed the course you’ll understand how to turn a deal on its head. Two DVDs, The Art ofNegotiation and Body Language, are included in the course tools and you are able to listen to lectures as well.


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