Why Meditation is For Hustlers Too

Why Meditation is For Hustlers Too


Meditation is going to make you happier, more connected to the world, and help you achieve your goals.

I’ve been starting companies, rehabilitating brands and promoting artists for over 30 years and I can promise you that no tool has made me a smarter, more focused and clearer thinking entrepreneur than meditation.

That’s the message I share with Hollywood hustlers and it’s the message I want to share with you now: Meditation is the greatest tool to help you harness and maximise your entrepreneurial spirit.

Three ways it will do it:

1. It makes you more focused

Meditation allows you to accomplish twice as much in half the time. If you take anything away from here, let it be that. By helping you let go of distractions that cloud your mind, meditation sharpens your focus to levels you didn’t think possible. I know this from experience and research backs it up too.

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People have this misconception that meditation will chill you out and make you soft. The opposite is true. I meditate every morning when I wake up and the second my session is over I’m eager to tackle whatever is on my plate for the day. Forget about a cup of coffee or even gym, meditation is all you need to get your mind sharpened and ready to go!

Imagine I’d developed a new technology to double your productivity in half the time. Every entrepreneur in the world would want that. Well, that ‘new technology’ is actually a tool that smart people have been using for thousands of years.

2. It gets you past ‘success’ and ‘failure’

Let’s be real: Most of us entrepreneurs get caught up in what we perceive to be the highs and lows of our professional lives. We pop champagne, buy fancy toys and celebrate when it seems like one of our ideas has ‘won,’ but we become dark and depressed when it seems like an idea has ‘lost’ or ‘failed.’

The truth is that neither reaction is sustainable. Being an entrepreneur is a journey that will have inevitable highs and lows, but will never actually end. So if you get too ‘high’ the first time something seems to go right for you, or get too low the first time something doesn’t work, you’re going to flame out quickly.

I’ve had plenty of companies the world was quick to label ‘successful’ that never actually did much, and companies that took years to turn a profit, but are now some of my strongest.

One of my favourite quotes from the Bhagavad-Gita (the main religious scripture of Hinduism), is ‘You have control over your work alone, never the fruit.’

To me, that means stop worrying about how much success you have and just stay focused on your work. Because when you embrace the process of your work, you’ll be much happier and do a much better job.

3. It lets you be more creative


Every entrepreneur wants to be more creative, right? Meditation is a guaranteed way to connect with your creative spirit.

When you sit quietly and let your mind settle, all the innovative, inventive and inspired ideas hiding out in the depths of your mind are going to begin to bubble to the surface.

One group of people that I always noticed almost instinctively understood the connection between stillness and creativity were the great rappers I worked with. From Jay Z to Chuck D to the late Biggie Smalls, no matter how crazy things were getting in the studio around them, they were able to shut out the distractions around them and tap into their inner stillness. Which is why they always managed to create such innovative and timeless music.

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If, like most of us, you haven’t been blessed with the same gift for connecting with that creativity, you can use meditation to get there. I promise that if you meditate twice a day for 20 minutes for just six weeks, you will see incredible returns on that investment. You will find yourself becoming much more focused, balanced and creative.

And if you then decide to make meditation a permanent part of your life, as I suspect you will, you will start to benefit from all of its tremendous health benefits, which include lowered stress, reduced blood pressure and improved diet, areas many of us need help with.

That is to say nothing of what I consider to be meditation’s greatest gift: Having an increased sense of connection with and compassion for the rest of the world!

So are you sold yet?

If the answer is not quite, then I suspect your hesitation has something to do with not having enough time to meditate. When I hear that, I always come back with that old saying about meditation: ‘If you don’t have 20 minutes to delve into yourself through meditation, then that means you really need two hours.’

No matter what you do, or no matter how busy you perceive yourself to be, carve out 40 minutes a day for meditation. I promise you it will not only make you a better entrepreneur, but a better and healthier person as well.

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Russell Simmons
Russell Wendell Simmons is an American business magnate. He co-founded the hip hop music label Def Jam and created the clothing fashion lines Phat Farm, Argyleculture, and American Classics.