Get Ready For A Killer 2017. Here’s What To Do Now

Get Ready For A Killer 2017. Here’s What To Do Now



The holiday season is around the corner, and you’re frantically trying to achieve your end-of-year goals and last-minute financial odds and ends.

First, remind yourself that you do need a break. The December holidays are a great opportunity for nurturing social ties, creating family traditions and really enjoying yourself, so don’t deny yourself those pleasures. But you can also enjoy yourself and prepare for the new year energised and ready to hustle.

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Here are three ways to get prepped for 2017:

1Break your tasks into goals

If you have key tasks that you really need to hit by the end of the year, ruthlessly focus on the steps that need to happen in order to smash these out the park.

Focus on the tasks that will allow you to feel content with the year’s work and the tasks that will give you the edge or head start in the New Year. Scrap everything else — and be ruthless.

2Know when to say No

If it’s not a resounding ‘hell yes’, then it’s a NO. I only commit to tasks and projects that will benefit my end goal.

This is my philosophy when it comes to pegging down important tasks. Don’t be consumed by work or people who will take your mind and energy off the end goal. You have goals to complete and holidays to enjoy.

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3Be present

With the year coming to an end and Christmas festivities and vacations on the mind it’s very easy to lose focus and just play out the days until you close shop or go on leave. It will be a lot less stressful if you are present to the moment that you are in.

The benefits to staying in the moment are multiple: A reduction in stress, more enjoyment in everything you do, better relationships and higher productivity.

What will you do to make 2017 your best business year yet?

Remember to do the following leading into 2017:

  • Look into trends entering your market / sector
  • Analyse and focus on what competitors are doing and planning
  • Monitor your finances and projects
  • Get rid of dead weight (Poor performing staff, bad clients etc.)
  • And finally, take a break and enjoy yourself!
Greg Tinkler
Greg Tinkler is a serial entrepreneur and owner of the Cre8tive Group, one of SA’s top brand activation and marketing agencies. He has launched many of SA’s top sports supplement & pharmaceutical brands from start-up to multi-million rand brands.