Goals for a Greater You

Goals for a Greater You


It is well known that writing down your goals will yield better results than just thinking about them. Creating steps to your goals and committing to dates and times for each step yields even better results. The part of you that will resist this is your inner saboteur, which you will have to master.

Another pitfall we encounter is becoming too attached to our goals to the point that we believe we can only be happy if we achieve them. The secret is to set your goals, commit to them, yet remove an emotional attachment to them. Remember that no achievement can be guaranteed to bring you happiness. However, happiness does come from feeling better about yourself, becoming an active part of creating the life you want and consequently feeling more empowered.

Goal setting in 7 simple steps:

1. Define your goal. You have goals in different areas of your life: work-related goals; goals for self, like reading a book you’ve been meaning to or pursuing a hobby; physical goals, like going to the gym or taking up a sport; spiritual or personal-growth goals; or goals that relate to relationships and family, such as spending time alone with your partner, quality time with a child or calling an aged parent. It would probably be best to stick to one goal in each area only. Ask yourself: Does this goal truly inspire me? Or am I just doing what is expected of me? If it does inspire you, move on to step two.

2. Set an end goal. Set a time and date for completion of the goal and write this down.

3. Create steps to that goal. To monitor your progress, give each step a time and date by when it should be achieved.

4. From future to present. Now let the outcome go. Focus on the present and what has to be done now, rather than worry about the goal in the future.

5. Don’t allow your inner saboteur to destroy your goal. Be conscious when the voice appears that tells you you can’t achieve your goal. Acknowledge it and act in spite of it.

6. Envision success. Each time you find yourself hoping for an outcome, consciously focus on the present, knowing that the goal will result.

7. Don’t let failure deter you. Failure is simply a step to achieving ultimate success. It’s an opportunity for learning, no more. There is no success without so-called failures. Ask any person who you see as being successful.

Ann Gadd
Ann Gadd is an artist, author, transformational counselor and speaker. Her business books include Making Your Art Work and The Ambitious Sheep. This article first appeared in The Ambitious Sheep.