It’s All in Your Head

It’s All in Your Head


It’s been said that there is no stronger, faster or more powerful tool on earth than the human brain. Yet when it comes to our businesses, too few of us fully tap into our brains’ vast and proven ability to make things happen. We dismiss the idea that our thoughts can affect our reality.

Regardless of our opinions, the cold, hard subjective data of science tells us that the power of our brains can be harnessed to change, create and influence results and outcomes in all areas of our business lives. So how can you begin to build your powerful business mind-set?

1. Begin with the end in mind

Working without a clear goal or defined end-point can result in a lot of effort with no real results. Unless you know where you are headed and make your moves with purpose and intention, you are likely to be directionless and inefficient. Take some time to determine what your business is all about. The clearer you are in this regard, the more likely it is that you will reach (and later exceed) your goals.

2. Opt for positive

Have you heard the term ‘self-fulfilling prophecy?’ If you say or think you will sign (or lose) a big client or that you will bomb (or ace) your big presentation, guess what? Chances are you will be right, so always be positive.

3. Choose your posse

When it comes to committing to maintaining a positive mind-set, it’s important to not overlook your sphere of influence. Who are you getting advice from? Which people are supporting you? Do you have more cheerleaders than naysayers in your business life? Negativity and negative people can suck the energy from your worthwhile pursuits and derail you from your focus.

4. Take off your blinders

Clarity regarding where you want to be is like fuel for your brain. Set your mind to it and be specific, and opportunities, breaks and offers will begin to come seemingly out of nowhere. Also understand that the more open you are to options and possibilities, the more those options and possibilities will actually come your way.

5. Expect it

Instead of taking what comes and being reactive to the circumstances of your business, why not grab the reins and see what you can do to create things as you would like them to be? While you are at it, take those efforts one step further; don’t just hope for what you want – find ways to make it happen.

The bottom line is that developing and honing your positive mind-set is not about make-believe and naïve wishes. Nothing takes the place of good old-fashioned effort and work.

Allison Nazarian
Allison Nazarian is widely known as one of the most honest and innovative voices in writing, marketing, blogging and the online world today.