The Link Between Success and Hard Work (You Know This One)

The Link Between Success and Hard Work (You Know This One)


Happy New Year! Congratulations on making it to here. You are the product of perfect design, and you’re reading a success article to just make yourself better. That puts you pretty high on the food-chain! Quick one, are you back at work yet?

While you were on leave or something similar, did you refine your planning for the year? Did you think about another direction your company could go? Did you write an article? If you answered no to most of that, you probably not quite as hard a worker as you think.

The link between success and hard work has been spoken about a million times, however until I started following super successful entrepreneurs like Grant Cardone, Lewis Howes, Gary Vee, Greg Plitt, all of whom are from completely different industries, I really realised what it would take to make it.

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Here are my five tips to really up what you do every day!

1. Work all the time you are at work

Sounds silly, right? Obvious, right?

  • How long do you spend eating lunch every day?
  • What amount of time do you spend at the water cooler?
  • How many times do you get lost looking at “Funny Kitties” on FaceBook?

I’m sure you’ve added up quite a bit of time right there. Time that could have been used in the right way.

2. If you have 10 minutes, make that 10 minutes work

Ever sat outside in your car after arriving at a meeting 15 minutes early and just jammed to some music? Or went onto Instagram rather? I know I have.

Use that time to phone a few new potential clients, follow up on other business processes, jot down ideas or work on that up-coming project. Simple.

3. Don’t watch the clock


This is simply the worst, most unproductive attitude possible. So you get to the office at 9, leave at 5, and can’t figure out why you aren’t a millionaire.

Imagine you took the two above points, and got to the office at 6 and left at 6, that would give you an extra 4 hours a day. 20 hours if you work a 5 day week. 1040 hours a year. Do you still not understand why the guy that does that is more successful?

4.”The harder I work, the luckier I get”

Have you heard that saying before? I’m sure you have. And probably believed it also, didn’t you? Every single time that I personally or anyone in my immediate circle accelerated their pace of work and drive and persistence, all of a sudden, almost as if on the day, their “luck” changed.

I was working with a student yesterday that couldn’t stop about how much harder he was going to work this year. We sat, formulating a plan for his success, and within 24 hours he had a sale. He usually makes about 4 a month.

This was a day when his company had just opened, and most other companies were closed. Call it luck, or whatever you want, but it belongs to the better prepared, harder worker.

5. “Imagine there’s someone working 24 hours a day to beat you”

That’s because, essentially, there is. There is always someone working harder than you, with more talent, with better resources, with a bigger team that is trying to take your place at the top, or at the very least, trying to take your spot in the pecking order.

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This one keeps me in check every day. I despise losing, and even though it’s a good, humbling process a lot of the time, I’d still like to not lose if I had the choice. So while I can, while I have control over certain aspects of me and my company, I will not be beaten easily!