10 Tips For Having a Blast While Building a Business

10 Tips For Having a Blast While Building a Business


Have you returned to a new year fresh and energised, or are you already stressed? Here are ten tips for having fun while staying focused and energised.

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1. Create an exciting life vision

A life vision is a dream for your future, an image of who you want to become, and what you would like to achieve in all the areas of your life, from health, wealth, business, relationships, family and friends to personal interests.

A life vision helps you focus and use your time in a more balanced way.

2. Set boundaries

Create a schedule that allows for work-life balance. Set times in the day when you do not work and make sure you have at least one day off from work, not even checking emails is allowed.

3. Be prepared

Spend 15 minutes at the end of a day to plan for the next day. Write down everything you need to achieve, how you will do it, and schedule when you plan to achieve this. By getting these items out of your head, you will enjoy a more restful sleep and be more focused in the morning.

4. Start your day with an hour of power

Get up an hour earlier and focus on your goals, visualise, pray or meditate, and complete one major win for the day. This is an hour to focus and energise, so do not check your emails.

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5. Remove distractions

Email and social media are essential but we shouldn’t give them priority over our relationships and wellbeing. Turn off your notifications and even your cell phone for periods of time in the day, especially when you get home.

6. Have fun. Life is short

Make time for activities and events that bring you joy and help you to let loose. Your happiness is important.

7. Get moving

Your health should be your number one priority. Eat food that fills and fuels you, and make time for exercise. You will increase your energy and your ability to concentrate, which will help you achieve more in the long run.

8. Say no

Constantly saying yes to other people means you are constantly saying no to yourself and your dreams. Stay open to the feelings and needs of others, just not at your expense. Set healthy boundaries and say ‘no’ to crazy deadlines, questionable priorities and other people’s crises.

9. Make time for nothing

Down time is important. It’s an opportunity to destress and unwind, and often it’s during these times of relaxation that our best ideas come to us.

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10. Get over the guilt

You are not superwoman or superman. They are fictional characters and you are only human. Be kinder to yourself and remind yourself you are doing the best you can with what you have.

Jacqui O’Bree
Jacqui O’Bree is a coach, entrepreneur, author and speaker. She is the founder of Fullife Coach, and her vision is to help her clients achieve fulfilment and balance, while living with purpose, passion and possibility.