Surprising Things 5 Entrepreneurs Do in Their Lunch Breaks

Surprising Things 5 Entrepreneurs Do in Their Lunch Breaks


5Lunch with your nemesis

Richard Branson

Did you know Richard Branson uses his lunch breaks to take his rivals out for a meal and a chat? Back when British Airways was trying to bury fledgling Virgin Atlantic, he called up Sir Colin Marshal for lunch, which resulted in them burying the hatchet (rather than each other) and becoming friends.

4Hit the treadmill

Evan Williams

Twitter co-founder Evan Williams keeps his productivity roaring all day by taking time out to exercise during his least productive time of day, which happens to be around lunchtime.

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3Catch 40 winks

Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington of Huffington Post is a huge advocate for taking lunchtime naps.

“Whether it’s in your car, a sleeping pod, or even at your desk, 20 minutes of shut-eye can power you up for the rest of the work day,” she says.

2Auction your lunch break

Warren Buffett

Did you know that Warren Buffett auctions his lunch break? For 16 years Buffett has been lunching with the highest bidder with all proceeds going to a charity that supports marginalised people get access to food, medical care, housing and rehabilitation. This year, bidding to sit opposite the world’ most famous investor started at $25 000. In 2012 this lunch date set back an anonymous bidder $3,45 million.

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1Defrag with harmless distractions

Bill Gates

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft has been known to pass the time with idle card games. In fact he’s a keen bridge player. The mind is a powerful machine with many processes operating in the background.

When you afford it some time off from processing front of mind tasks and occupy it with diversions unrelated to the problem you’re trying to solve, your mind is then able to devote more processing power to finding a creative solution.

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