Get JSE Data By SMS

Get JSE Data By SMS


Send an SMS to 34019 with your requestand Sharenet will reply within a few seconds. You can also send a commaseparated list of up-to five share codes. In reply Sharenet will send theprice, move and percentage move for each share as at the last close of market.

If you do not know the share code, youcan send the short name or any part of the name. If the system finds a singlematch, it will return that share’s details, or a list of possible matches tochoose from.



You can receive information on majoroverseas indices, JSE indices, metal prices, forex rates, JSE tradingstatistics, major moves on the JSE, value leaders and the most active shares.

You can set an alert for when a sharereaches a high or low price.

As soon as the price goes above yourhigh or below your low, Sharenet will send you an SMS. To set an alert, send anSMS with the message ALERT followed by the share code, the high price and thelow price.


An SMS costs R2.


Call 0860 240 240, or go

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