Insider Insights

Insider Insights


What stocks would you buy with:

  • R5 000?

DBXUS R1 530 (100 shares) Ellies R960 (200 shares)

  • R10 000?

DBXUS R3 060 (200 shares) Grindrod R6 300 (300 shares)

  • R50 000?

Billiton, Vodacom , Metair (R10 000 each) and Bidvest (R20 000).

  • R500 000?

Billiton, Vodacom, Metair, Aspen, Invicta, Omnia, DBXUS and Grindrod (R50 000 each) and Bidvest (R100 000).

  • R1 million?

Sasol, Billiton, Bidvest, Grindrod, WBHO and Omnia (R100 000 each), and only at lower valuations, Woolies, British American Tobacco, Richemont and Aspen (also R100 000 each).

Which stocks do you regret not investing in?

S&P500, which has outperformed the JSE Alsi. I would like to have had a much bigger holding of Aspen.

What stocks are you keeping an eye on?

We have four research analysts who look at Africa on a daily basis and it’s very interesting to keep an eye on their research and stock choices.

What are your goals when investing?

My goals are long-term capital growth with a reasonable dividend income. Good solid management at the top who know the business well.

The companies must have good cash flow and preferably a good brand stable.

We also look out for companies that are leaders in their respective fields.

What was the best investment decision you have made to date?

Buying the following stocks: Kumba, Assore, Aspen, Remgro and Ellies.


Ann Mackeurtan
Ann Mackeurtan joined SP Reid in 1968. In 1974, her father, Stanley Reid, died and she and George Mackeurtan took over running the business. In 1976, Ann wrote the Johannesburg Stock Exchange exams and on passing became the first women member of the JSE. She is currently Managing Director of Imara SP Reid (Pty) Ltd.