8 Reasons Why Budgeting is Best

8 Reasons Why Budgeting is Best


If you are ever going to reach financial freedom then it starts with the first step in the right direction. Before you can think of savings you have to get your debt under control. Before you can get your debt under control you need to get your daily | weekly | monthly spend in order.

This is where it all starts – get the basics of personal financial management in place first beginning with your personal spending plan.

The benefits of budgeting

There are 8 key benefits to implementing and managing a personal spending plan or budget.

  1. Knowing your financial situation at all times
  2. Being aware of issues that need to be addressed such as debt
  3. Being aware of financial problems in good time
  4. Allows for planning and forecasting. You can plan your spending
  5. When employing a financial guide or planner, this will be necessary
  6. It will help in credit applications if your budget is in order
  7. Peace of mind – a feeling of security and better preparedness
  8. You can plan for short, medium and long term goals.

Financial freedom ahead!

Once you have your personal spending plan in place it will become easier to work towards repaying any debt that you may have.

Once you begin to eliminate debt you then begin to free up savings. This creates positive cash flow. This is where we get ahead and financial freedom becomes a reality.

Take the first step and get your personal spending plan in place, today. Keep improving your personal financial education.

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Nigel Willmott
Nigel Willmott is a certified financial planner and financial wellness coach. He founded Motivate Today, a financial wellness solutions company focused on the financial wellness needs of employees, members of retirement funds, financial planners and young adults and teens.
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