How To Start Saving Money Today

How To Start Saving Money Today


“Financial freedom comes to the person who actively takes control of their finances,” says Entrepreneur Network partner Brian Tracy.

In this video, Tracy explains how you can begin saving money and start taking control of your financial future. In order to set yourself up for longterm financial freedom, it’s important to save at least 10 percent of every pay cheque that you earn. Savings guarantee the possibilities of tomorrow, says Tracy. Another tactic to begin saving, is to learn. Read, take classes, listen to podcasts – there are a number of ways to educate yourself on personal finance.

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Tracy also touches upon the book The Richest Man in Babylon by George Samuel Clason. In the book, Tracy says there are two laws of saving that you should follow: Pay yourself first and take advantage of tax deferred earnings and investment plans (stock option programmes, company pension plans, etc.).

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Brian Tracy
Brian Tracy is the most-listened-to audio author on personal and business success in the world. His talks and seminars on leadership, sales, managerial effectiveness and business strategy provide people with proven ideas and strategies that they can implement immediately for improved results.