Take Control Of Your Finances

Take Control Of Your Finances


Tough times call for strict control of personal finances. But it’s not easy to save money if you don’t know how it’s being spent. InCheck is a new free online personal finance management tool that’s available to anyone with web access. Powered by Softline Pastel, it promises to make personal money management really easy, enabling you to manage transactions and track finances.


There’s no technical or banking jargon and the process to classify, analyse and track income and expenses will make sense to any user, regardless of financial savvy. Users can set up the accounts they want to track and capture transactions into the system. For immediate tracking and analysis, historic transactions can be imported into InCheck directly from online banking. Simple graphs provide an uncomplicated way to see an organised breakdown of monthly activity and tracking over time. Because it’s online, there is no software installation or ongoing maintenance, backups and upgrades.
InCheck is 100% secure. It has been developed with the latest security technologies including SSL security, secure firewalls, defensive programming and encrypted data.


It’s free and there are no hidden clauses or catches.

To Register

Go to www.pastelincheck.co.za.

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