Where’s Your Energy?

Where’s Your Energy?


How important do you think your attitude is to the sale? When you call on a customer with energy and enthusiasm, it means that you believe in your product or service, and are excited about what you have to offer your customer. This isn’t bravado; a sincere belief in yourself and your product can’t be faked.

Understand the principle

Here are some key points to keep in mind about the correlation between energy and your overall success:

Energy = motivation: Energy is the secret to everything. You can be a person of great integrity and character, but without energy you won’t get to first base. Top sellers are pro-active, not reactive: High achievers in any field are pro-active personalities; these people make things happen instead of sitting back and waiting for things to happen to them.

Take action

If you’re wondering how you can maintain your positive attitude, try these energy action steps:

1. Appreciate the good. We need to remind ourselves to focus on the positive. Sometimes we get so bogged down by the things that are ‘wrong’ in our lives that we forget to be grateful for the things we have that are right. Every so often, take a step back and look at everything you’ve achieved so far.

2. Increase your physical activity level. Physical activity – whether it’s a sport, a workout at the gym or a brisk walk around the block – revitalises and regenerates us in body and mind.

3. Fish for compliments. When you feel like your attitude needs a check up from the neck up, and all else has failed, call some of your satisfied customers to hear their positive comments about their experience. This not only keeps you pumped but keeps the relationship strong by staying in touch.

Energy, enthusiasm and a positive attitude can go a long way in forging long-lasting customer relationships. We sometimes underestimate the power of our attitudes and energy level when making sales calls. And your customers appreciate your positive approach more than you realise.

Barry Farber
Barry Farber is a top speaker and bestselling author of 11 books on sales, management and personal achievement.