Brent Tollman – How To Sell More Using Story Telling And...

[PODCAST] Brent Tollman – How To Sell More Using Story Telling And Video


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If you can’t sell yourself as an entrepreneur you are dead in the water. The most important aspect of selling anything is the ability to sell a great story.

Matt Brown interviews Brent Tollman, an entrepreneur and international media strategist, about how to craft a great story for your business, it’s products and it’s people.

  • Why video should be every entrepreneurs primary form of story telling
  • How video is motivating customers to make sales and purchases
  • The key elements that make up a great story for a brand
  • International examples of the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to storytelling
  • The importance of “edutainment” when using content to market your business
  • Why the term viral is a philosophy and not a strategy.

Want to find out more? Read up with these show notes. 

Matt Brown
Matt Brown is the CEO of Digital Kungfu a strategic business consultancy. He is also the host of the Matt Brown Show - a podcast empowering and entrepreneurs around the globe.