Sales Tip From the Trainer: Use Their Own Words

Sales Tip From the Trainer: Use Their Own Words


It goes without saying that you know a great deal about your work. You have a high level of expertise and can have answers ready to all conceivable questions to complete a sale.

Yet technical information and demonstrations of product strength can sometimes seem daunting. Of course, everybody is open to recommendations, but it can be a lot more useful to show the customer specific benefits – ideally using their own words.

What do they need it for? Where might it be of use to them? Pick up on the customers’ words and incorporate them into the product description. Don’t overwhelm with technical information, but ask specifically which aspects are important to them.

This way, you will help them to get exactly what they really want – and of course they will get it from you.

You can have some points prepared to draw upon:

  • Place yourself in the position of your customer. What would really be useful to them?
  • Take note of all the aspects of a product that would benefit your customer.
  • Ask your customer what their priorities are and pick up on their choice of words.
  • Present them with potential solutions and place the focus on value.
  • Avoid using too many facts. This could scare the customer off.

If you are already addressing what your customers will “get out of this” in your reasoning, then you will not make a sale, but rather help the customer to buy – there is a world of difference.

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Marc Pillay
Marc Pillay is the managing director of DEVELOP South Africa, a division of the Bidvest Group Limited. Pillay has been responsible for evolving the DEVELOP brand since its launch in the South African market in 2009. He brings 21 years of experience in the print industry and 18 years in sales and sales training to the role. He has proven track record in growing new business and developing new brands. He also sits on the Bidvest Office division board.