Working The Floor

Working The Floor


The product

Kuhestan Cordials

The challenge

Familiarise the upper-echelon market with the range in order to drive sales in the many stores where they’re listed.

The brief

Do whatever it takes to get people to taste – I know if they taste, they’ll be hooked and usually end up buying from us or at least telling other people to taste our cordials.

1. The beat

Expos and trade shows. We do over 20 of these a year and they’ve worked really well for us – and they don’t necessarily need to be food and beverage expos. Every expo and trade show has a deli or food section and no matter what expo people are at, they always want to eat and drink. It gives us focused access to a massive captive market.

2. The approach

As soon as someone walks past our stand and shows even the slightest bit of interest, I call them over to come and taste. I dedicate 95% of my time at expos to drawing people into the stand and getting them to taste. That’s my sole driver. If I have to run out of my stand with my jug and tot glass in hand, I will.

3. The pitch

The product speaks for itself. Its 100% natural, 100% preservative-free, delicious and unique. People have nothing to lose and everything to gain from tasting. Its obligation-free and done in an environment where there are lots of food and beverage items to taste, so you’re not asking people to do something out of the ordinary or unusual.

4. The key

Be friendly, upbeat, energetic. Have outstanding presentation on your stand. Know what you’re talking about and get to the point immediately. Treat everyone equally and give everyone a chance to taste. You can’t tell by looking at someone whether they’re a buyer or not. Be relentless – but remember that being too pushy can backfire.

5. The proof

At just one festival we sold R50 000 worth of cordials in three days. On one of those days our sales were R22 000. And word of mouth has driven the business success – we’re listed in 80 stores nationwide including upper-end SuperSpars, Crabtree & Evelyn, Norman Goodfellows and are listed on all ten signature menus at Tashas restaurants.

Vital stats

  • Players: David and Ristha Sanei
  • Company: Kuhestan Cordials
  • X-factor:  100% natural range of cordials, well-positioned to capture a range of diverse markets.