Avoid Sales Fatigue

Avoid Sales Fatigue


How to get your message across

Sales people can get burnt out from telling the same story to so many prospects. To avoid pitch fatigue, create several short pitches that you can deliver on demand. A 15-second pitch will be a three-sentence overview.

In 60 seconds, tell prospects what you do, why, how, and why they should care. A five-minute pitch will take them deeper into what you can do for them. In 15 minutes, you can deliver a full, high-level pitch. In 30 minutes, you can deliver a detailed presentation.

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Keeping the message clear

Chris Anderson, curator of TED, has made some excellent suggestions about how to give a presentation that displays intensity, emotion, optimism, and the belief that your product or solution is perfect for the prospect’s needs:

  • Avoid jargon and keep things conversational
  • Don’t cover too much ground
  • Let the audience draw their own conclusions
  • Memorise your talk well enough that you can be spontaneous
  • When rehearsing, listen to feedback from those with experience
  • Keep eye contact with a few people in your audience
  • Use slides only if you make a point that needs visual back-up
  • When using video; keep it short, and think twice before including a sound track
  • Be yourself.

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