Handle that Objection – Anytime, Anywhere

Handle that Objection – Anytime, Anywhere


My life has been full of objections – just as I am sure everyone else’s has. If you know how to handle them moving through life, getting nearer to what you want is much easier. I wish I had this knowledge in my 20s. People have told me: I could not do something because I was a female! I would never learn to sell because I was an accountant! They are just objections; I barged through them like a bulldozer! There is a better way.

We face objections every day, in every aspect of our lives. Not only do we have to respond to customers, but we also have to continually manage the objections of our peers, bosses, family members and friends. Most people have little understanding of how their internal subconscious fears and emotions affect their conversations, actions, and relationship with others. Very few people are clear about how these things affect their ability to influence others and move past their objections.

If we look at successful entrepreneurs like Mamapudi Lulu Nkgadima, she was the first in her family to go to university, get a car, and is now one of the first black women in South Africa to own and manage her own marketing business. She also managed to overcome and learn how to move through objections.

Take control

But, we don’t all have the level of desire or eagerness to achieve like Mamapudi. So what can you do?

  • Learn what the basis of all objections are:
  • Judgments based on prior experience
  • Not having accurate or enough information
  • Stress (i.e. don’t have enough time/resources to deal with your presentation)

The truth is that the person’s objection really isn’t the problem!  In fact, every objection actually provides an opportunity to find out what information the person needs to understand you, or in sales close the sale.

  • Learn how to handle the emotion that comes with an objection. The biggest problem with objections, typically, is our emotional response – we feel angry, defensive, inadequate, unimportant, not good enough, etc.  Once we get through this and remain emotionless in the face of the toughest objection, our brilliant minds are able to handle the information requirements of every objection with ease. Practice, Practice, Practice is the only way.
  • Learn the Technique to handle Objections. First Acknowledge that the person has said something. Second ask a question.

Success in sales

Here’s a sales scenario: You’ve qualified the prospect. You know, without a doubt, that this person/organisation can benefit from your opportunity, both financially and personally. You research the contact and prepare yourself thoroughly. You make the call. The response very quickly is, “I’m not interested.”  You think to yourself, “How can that be? With what this opportunity can do for this person, they’d be crazy not to be interested.”

Here’s the question: Is the customer telling you the truth – that they really aren’t interested?  Or could the truth be one of the following (amongst many things):

  • They’re having a very tough day and don’t have time to talk.
  • They are not educated about this type of opportunity and, therefore really don’t know what it can do for them.
  • This is not their area of responsibility

They use different words to describe the type of opportunity you are offering and think you are offering something different.

The first step in getting to the truth for the customer is that, in many cases, the objection is not the real issue. Objections are often a generalisation or sweeping statement that may group many issues together, run a history of bad experiences into one, or cover up for the state of stress the customer is in. Once you understand that there is typically more to an objection than what the words are saying, the next thing is to find out what the truth really is.

In life and sales the message is clear: learn to handle objections.

Lorna Powe
Lorna Powe has worked as an executive level business professional for over 15 years. She is experienced in leading business and technology change to ultimately meet strategies, and improve business performance. She is the Founder of SalesPartners RoseBankTM, a global sales and business development company that helps entrepreneurs and organisations increase sales and leadership, improve profitability, and build championship teams. Visit the Sales Partners Rosebank website for more information