How Mobile Technology can Simplify your Sales

How Mobile Technology can Simplify your Sales


Boost sales and brand experiences by offering customers the flexibility of an additional mobile payment option. Using mobile technology, you can accept any form of card payment, anywhere in your store and at anytime, from an iPhone, iPad or other smart device.

Reconsider shopper interaction and the purchase process to deliver engaging store experiences. Transform your retail business with mobile technology by personally serving customers, eliminating checkout lines and walkouts.

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Provide customer service with a more personal touch.

Empower staff with mobile POS devices to strengthen customer relations by moving clerks onto the floor for direct interaction. Provide that personalised, consultative, on the floor selling to customers and close more sales.

Mobile POS technology transactions are usually initiated on an app and your customer uses the reader to swipe their magstrip or insert their chip & PIN card and enter their PIN.

The card reader connects to a smartphone or tablet via bluetooth or audio jack.

Data captured on the reader is encrypted using the latest payments technology and sent securely via point-to-point encryption.

Using the app you can perform purchases, refunds and voids.

Transacting is as simple as entering an amount and description onto the phone app and allowing your customer to swipe/insert their card and will enter their PIN.

Your customer can choose to receive either an email or SMS receipt and if required we’ll capture their signature electronically on the app.

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A concise transaction history is available on your phone (securely of course with no sensitive card data so your customers can rest easy)