What Kind of Sales Person are You?

What Kind of Sales Person are You?


In starting my journey to build up to the 2016 Comrades, I have started off with just 30 minute runs. On my last run I had a thought; are we too hung up on what can be achieved in the shortest time?

I have always been a runner that has strived to run a predetermined distance in the shortest time, which is the norm as the fastest one wins the race…right? In the last two weeks I have gone on average 200m more for each run.

It comes down to what I can achieve in the time given. So each time I hit the road I try to at least achieve the same as the last run or go further.

Applying this to the sales perspective

As in running, selling is divided up into the time you have to sell and your target that you need to bring in. If in a required period I achieved R500 000 and the next period I achieved R550 000, then I went R50 000 further.

If I set a target of R500 000 and I achieved it in five days instead of seven days, would I have pushed for the additional R50 000? It’s human nature to sit back and relax but you need to use the time you have to get the maximum results.

What type of sales person are you?

  • The Pacer. Do you only work towards achieving your target by averaging your sales in the given time? The problem with this approach is that there is no room left for those ‘bad days’ where you would need to make up for lost time, and ultimately, lost sales.
  • The Racer. Do you race to reach the target as quickly as possible and then take the rest of the week off? You may be achieving your goals, but you aren’t exceeding them.
  • The Go-Getter. Do you use every day to your max and go further than you did the previous week? When you push your own personal boundaries you will consistently better yourself and excel in the sales game.

Whichever one you are or aspire to be, it comes down to how effectively you manage your time. Know what you want to achieve, how you are going to achieve it, and when you are going to achieve it.

Brett Soutter has been selling for most of his life. Previously the national sales manager for Popular Mechanics, Brett now heads up the sales team at Commercial Trader. He views life as one ongoing sale and believes that it is important to sell yourself first before the service or product.
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