Build Effective (& Brilliant) Teams

Build Effective (& Brilliant) Teams


What personality traits should entrepreneurs look for in new hires?

It’s important to look for people who are real go-getters and are passionate about the goals you have for the company.

Also, look for people who have past work experience that’s relevant to what you’re doing, particularly people who have worked in small companies, because they aren’t used to having to worry about other people doing things for them.

They’re not used to worrying about corporate rules and regulations, which you may not have in your SME, so they can be more independent in their ability to do things, and they don’t mind crossing over barriers and doing multiple tasks.

Experience in a large company can be valuable, but save those hires for once your SME has started to look more like a large organisation.

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Where can valuable team members be found?

Entrepreneurs tend to really love what they’re doing and are so excited by it, they live with gusto.

That enthusiasm will actually begin to attract people to your team and attract people who want to help — that’s a great starting point.

You also need to take some time to be active in your community.

I even encourage you to do something for people who can do nothing for you; you’ll be surprised by how many fellow business owners are attracted to that.

Volunteering is a great way to get out and meet people to expand your network. In lieu of that, there are some great social networking resources online: LinkedIn and Facebook, for example, are tremendous tools to help find people with talent.

Do you have any tips for adding staff when the budget’s tight?

A board of advisors may be the way to do that. By looking at your own social network, you can often find people who just enjoy being around the excitement of an entrepreneur.

Look for a diversity of backgrounds when assembling your board of advisors; you might look for someone who has a financial background, someone who is a great marketer, a person who is strong on business context.

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