Dr John Demartini On Hiring The Right People

Dr John Demartini On Hiring The Right People


Vital Stats

  • Player: Dr John Demartini
  • Company: The Demartini Institute
  • Established: 1982
  • Visit: drdemartini.com

One area that Dr Demartini knows quite a bit about is the hiring of prospective employees. Not only does he take the hiring of people for The Demartini Institute very seriously, but he also advises other companies around the world on effective hiring practices.

Below is his advice on bringing people on board who will add real value to your team.

It’s all about values

“People go to work to fulfil what’s most important to them. Because of this, you need to ask yourself two questions when hiring an employee: Does the prospective employee’s vision align with the company’s, and will he or she be inspired by what they’ll be tasked with doing each day.

“You need to find out what a person’s values are. If a job in no way aligns with what a person is already dedicated to, the fit won’t be ideal and the work will suffer.”

Get to know a prospective employee

“It’s important to be realistic when hiring a new employee. People have personal lives that will impact their work. Because of this, you should spend time to find out the details of a prospective employee’s personal life. Is he or she a new parent? This will impact their work. A sick child will be a priority, and that’s understandable. Is he or she a fitness fanatic who can’t stand to miss a workout? This will impact their work.

“Ask an interviewee what his or her perfect day looks like. It will give you useful insight into what’s really important to them.”

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Money doesn’t matter (That much)

“As mentioned, people go to work to fulfil what’s most important to them. If money became utterly irrelevant to me and I had no need to work, I would still be doing research and publishing, just like I am at the moment. I love what I do — I don’t do it simply because I need money.

“Ask any prospective employees what they would be doing if money was no object and they had complete financial freedom. Does their answer in any way align with the job you’re offering? If not, you don’t have a good fit. Remuneration will only motivate someone up to a point.”

Create a clear job description

“In order to figure out if a person’s values align with those of the company, you need to create a very specific job description and make it clear what the duties of the position will be. Only by doing this will you be able to establish if a new employee will find the work fulfilling.”

Involve Co-workers

“I often recommend a day of work as part of a job application process. Having a prospective employee spend a day with the people he or she will actually be working with can be insightful. You want to make sure that a new worker will fit in well with the existing team.”

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