How To Determine ‘Bad Fits’ During The Hiring Process

How To Determine ‘Bad Fits’ During The Hiring Process


While some companies focus on all the positive qualities during the interview process, the CEO of marketing platform Bounce Exchange does the opposite.

In a panel about culture moderated by David Shanklin of CultureIQ, a culture engagement platform and our partner for the Top Company Cultures list, Bounce Exchange’s CEO Ryan Urban explains that he seeks out the negative core values, or a set of beliefs a company does not want in its culture.

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For instance, at Bounce Exchange, the team will not hire anyone who is disruptive, a know-it-all or uses the words “manage other people” or “strategic” (to each their own).

Urban also talks about a five-question survey he uses to determine if a candidate is a cultural fit.

Check out the video here to see how people can pass the assessment.

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Andrea Huspeni
Andrea Huspeni is an article editor at Entrepreneur in the USA.