This Measure Will Take The Psycho Out Of Your Hiring Pool

This Measure Will Take The Psycho Out Of Your Hiring Pool


Psychometric assessments measure personality traits and constructs to bring science to the recruitment, selection and development process of high-performing individuals in your organisation — or soon-to-be in your organisation.

Psychometric assessments are applicable to any role in an organisation. They also cut down the cost of recruitment and increase retention by ensuring you’ve made the right pick. Where assessments help are:

1. Behaviour vs personality

Behaviour is an observable demonstration of personality. Unlike personality, behaviour can change. Someone who has a profile that indicates successful performance in a commission-based sales role, for example, will naturally exhibit behaviour that is attributed to sales success. But hiring someone with a profile that predicts a poor sales performance, would require support and training to change.

2. Measurability of relevant aspects

You can measure characteristics associated with successful performance for a particular position. For instance, the character trait associated with prospecting is important to a sales position, but the ability to measure it in an interview alone is close to 0%.

3. Objectivity

You can compare potential candidates across the same criteria to eliminate the influence of subjectivity.

4. Maximise your existing staff

Take a targeted approach to training and optimise your training budget.

5. Bottle the magic

Identify the characteristics associated with your top performers and replicate it in your organisation.

Free assessment demo

For a complementary psychometric assessment demonstration, contact Charné Branquinho or visit

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