A Well-Oiled Machine

A Well-Oiled Machine


How do you get your team to work cohesively and effectively under pressure? Michael Yende and Tshepo Mkhwanazi, co-founders of Black & White Productions, have hit on an intervention that makes sure their team delivers at maximum capacity in the high-pressure video production environment.

They run role-play workshops once a month for all employees.

“These cover the full production cycle, from development phase through to post-production. Team members are able to hone their skills and play out their individual roles together with their colleagues in a controlled environment where the pressure’s off,” says Yende.

The results?

Less time wastage, fewer mistakes and a team that operates like a well-oiled machine because team members are able to anticipate what their colleagues will do in a given situation.

“In our industry, every member of the team has a unique role to play and we need all those roles to fit together seamlessly on a job for things to run smoothly,” says Yende, adding, “All this means we’re able to deliver a superior and streamlined service to clients at competitive rates  – which in turn has enabled us to grow.”

The takeaway lesson

When people need to work together towards a single outcome, it’s sometimes not enough to simply rely on the fact that each person knows what they are doing. Team cohesion can be built by design.

Vital stats

  • Players: Michael Yende and Tshepo Mkhwanazi
  • Company: Black & White Productions
  • The goods: High-end clients that include MTN, Nissan, the Swazi royal family and the Ministry of ICT in Swaziland.
  • Connect: www.blackandwhiteproductions.co.za

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