Satisfied Employees Make Thriving Companies

Satisfied Employees Make Thriving Companies


Fifty years ago, if you said you wanted better work-life balance, most managers would have smiled and assumed that meant you wanted to work until the balance of your life was over. Fortunately, times have changed. The best employers strive to help workers strike the right balance between work and enjoying life away from the office so they are re-energised when they return each day.

Helping employees balance work and life has been a hot topic for years. Overlooking this need can cost business owners productivity, increased turnover, morale and – according to the Mayo Clinic – even contribute to poor employee health.
Here are six ways we make our workplace less like work and more like a club that employees want to be part of:

1. Work out at work
. Work environments are notorious for promoting sedentary lifestyles and diets full of take-aways and junk food. Even worse, a busy work schedule can crowd out time to go to the gym after work. Encourage employees to use basic work-out machines at their desk or attend a gym. You can even reimburse part of their gym membership to encourage attendance.

2. Make work like family. It’s easy to say you support your workers when their lives are going well, but workers truly appreciate employers that stand by them when life is messy.

3. Take work home. Publish a fun company newsletter and send it to every employee’s home address. Add personal touches and stories to include family members.

4. Bring home to work. Let’s face it. We spend so much of our lives at work that there’s no way to truly separate the two environments. Embrace the blending of both worlds by hosting events that involve employee families.

5. Make work personal. Many people confess to being one person at work and another at home. To help employees bridge their work and home personalities, offer opportunities for employees to have a little fun and express themselves at work.

6. Prioritise it. Great workplaces don’t develop by accident. If you take the time to create an environment that effectively supports employees in blending work and life, you’ll create employees that generate energy, excellence and enthusiasm. That’s the real formula for worklife balance.

Paul Spiegelman
Paul is a sought-after speaker and author on executive leadership, entrepreneurship, corporate culture, customer relationships and employee engagement.