Should You Hire a Motivational Speaker to Motivate Staff?

Should You Hire a Motivational Speaker to Motivate Staff?


As any successful entrepreneur will attest, companies have their ups and downs. Dips in staff morale are hard to manage as an employer, but there are ways to deal with this internally.

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The route most proprietors take is incentivising via money, with salary increases or commission based incentive schemes, but these solutions are sometimes only a short term solution, and costly.

Job Titles

Another approach is promotion through new job titles, but in small, medium and micro enterprises, (SMMEs), this can backfire – handing out hollow titles as a form of encouragement could see negative results, with resentful employees adopting new positions with no additional remuneration.

Motivational Speaker

An option for entrepreneurs is the use of a professional motivational speaker to conduct a seminar.

When starting, and running, a small enterprise profits are important to keep the company afloat. This means that before investing in any services, business owners need to make sure that there is a return on investment with this option. A question that is frequently asked is whether the advice given by motivational speakers sticks, and whether there is an accurate way to measure its effectiveness.

The Results

Measuring the actual effectiveness of these workshops is not easy, but will be apparent in the behaviour of the staff. After a seminar is conducted employers should be able to see staff taking action using the tools provided, and discussing the content amongst colleagues.

Motivational speakers need to adapt their workshops and seminars to best suit the audience and the business it is speaking to. Key elements needed from a motivational speaker are:

  • Providing actionable tools to deal with issues
  • Advice is imparted in easily remembered statements
  • Information given out will help achieve goals
  • Seminars reach participates on a personal level

When lessons are easily absorbed, individuals are inspired to tackle difficult goals.

Self-motivated employees form better relationships amongst colleagues and are able to sort out issues, therefore maintain high morale levels for longer, and are more efficient workers.

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A motivated workforce is important for a business as it is a major contributing step to becoming a profitable enterprise.

Godfrey Madanhire
Godfrey Madanhire is a professional life coach and motivational speaker. Through his company Dreamworld Promotions, Godfrey facilitates holistic wellness training programmes for corporate clients.