Blend These 7 Personality Types When Building Your Executive Team

Blend These 7 Personality Types When Building Your Executive Team


While the popular contention that “there are no stupid questions” is nice to hear (especially after asking a stupid question), it’s not exactly true. Let’s face it.

We’ve all heard plenty (and I mean a lot) of dumb questions, and unfortunately, they typically come from dumb people who are not necessarily “terrible at life” but perhaps just suffering a momentary lapse in brain activity (I know I have).

If you look at what effective (read smart) leaders do, they surround themselves with people smarter than themselves. They must, because if they don’t then they won’t grow as leaders and growth is a defining characteristic of leadership.

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Smart leaders are humble enough to know that they don’t know everything, so they rely upon subject matter experts who do. In fact, a recent survey by HBR shows that those leaders who under-rated themselves compared to those who overrated themselves were considered by others to be more effective leaders.

To elevate your level of “smart” and grow as a person and a leader, here are seven types of people who will help you “C” new perspectives:


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