Implement a Code of Honour

Implement a Code of Honour


Do you think your team is in disharmony and back stabs each other selfishly?  I’ve found the key in a team is to ensure that everyone is playing by the same rules. In the absence of a code people do their own thing, as evidenced by company crashes in the early part of this century and recently with the collapse in Europe and the US of financial institutions. It’s crucial to ensure that the team actually behaves in accordance with the code – not just to write down rules. A code of honour should be designed to bring out the best in every person who subscribes to it.

Following the rules

A code of honour does this because it is a set of simple, powerful rules that govern the internal behaviour of any team or organisation. It is a set of rules that people are willing to stand and defend – and be accountable for. It says who you are and what you stand for, heart and spirit.

The rules determine how we behave toward one another within the team. It builds trust cohesion and energy. This is how a championship team is made.

The code binds people together because it ensures that people work/play for the mission first and their personal gain last. It’s about supporting each other.

Your conditioning as you grow up is not towards working in a team but the opposite. In school we are taught that collaboration is cheating. In business working in isolation can stifle your business growth.

What kind of people do you need on your team?

You need people on a team who will push you up rather than hold you down. People who:

  • Have high energy – this permeates into everything you do. Energy creates an upbeat environment.
  • Want to win – all the time even when the going is tough. To do whatever it takes to win.
  • Put aside the desire for immediate personal gain and be willing to support others so the team can win.
  • Must be willing to take responsibility and not to blame others.
  • Must have some unique talent or ability to offer freely.

How do you get a team like this? Can anyone turn into such a team? Every great team, business, culture, army or family has one thing in common: a set of rules. It is a set of rules that sets the behaviour standards of the team itself. The Constitution is a code. The people on your team must all live and breathe the code that you implement together. The code of honour is a set of behavioural rules that determine the habitat that you and your team members all live in. The size the company grows to as an organisation is directly related to your ability to enforce your rules.

A common vision

A code of conduct has to be tighter and visited more regularly the larger a team gets.  This is why a team is built asking difficult questions like determining motivation, and setting expectation of the new member. The key to people’s success is playing to their strengths.

A code of honour must be created when things are running smoothly so that when things go wrong people are used to and have it ingrained into their behaviour. The code should reflect you and the team and will cause like minded people to come together.

A great team is driven to greatness. We partner with teams of all sizes to turn them into championship teams. The mindset that helps us to achieve this is the code of honour. This is achieved through team members standing in the heat. Extraordinary results are achieved through such ‘perturbation’. All of the Company must work together to enforce the code once implemented.

Remember the little voice? Well, it is usually our little voice that stops us implementing the code of honour – “My team is okay – it’s usual to have some issues.” Why accept second rate?

Lorna Powe
Lorna Powe has worked as an executive level business professional for over 15 years. She is experienced in leading business and technology change to ultimately meet strategies, and improve business performance. She is the Founder of SalesPartners RoseBankTM, a global sales and business development company that helps entrepreneurs and organisations increase sales and leadership, improve profitability, and build championship teams. Visit the Sales Partners Rosebank website for more information