The Hidden Costs Of A Manual Time Tracking System

The Hidden Costs Of A Manual Time Tracking System


Since business began, people have searched for a way to keep up with employees time. We began with old fashioned time clock. However, business owners soon realised those could be manipulated if a “buddy” punched the time sheet to help a co-worker out.

Technology caught up to business. This introduced the Excel spreadsheet method of keeping up with time. It was easier than traditional time clocks and could be done from your desk. By today’s standards this method is obsolete.

Computers crash, information is changed or accidentally deleted. People expect cutting-edge technology when it comes to getting paid. We have become accustomed to instant gratification with modern technology.

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Today there are online timesheet systems that are more accurate and secure than any timekeeping program of the past.

This cutting-edge technology is available to businesses everywhere at all stages of growth.

How can using obsolete timekeeping programs cost you money?


Computer crashes

It is frustrating and brings office procedures to a screeching halt. The time that is wasted waiting on a system to come up and the money it cost for IT to fix the problem is not recoverable.

Human error and lost revenue

Consider this. Your accounting department has received notice that a project is complete.  They close the project and bill the client. A day later, an employee enters his time spent on that job.  With an Excel program, there is no tracking and these errors are bound to happen.  

The company must pay the employee, and they cannot send the additional expense to the client. Instead of the client paying for your employees labor and training, the company takes a direct hit.

Accidentally closing a file on a traditional computer program, before you save your document is immediate loss.


There is a lot of sensitive information in our timekeeping programs. The information in your system could devastate an employee or a client, if it fell into the wrong hands. Even if you have updated and use Cloud storage, there are still security risks. 

Online timesheet systems are encrypted. They are protected by SSL encryption which are backed up everyday.

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Speed and Legal Issues

Current technology allows for instant timesheets, that can be accessed from any device of your choosing. There is no traveling back to the office and waiting to manually enter time and track time and expenses on old fashion spread sheets. Current programs instantly track all aspects of the job. You control who has access to what and all entries and changes are logged.

In some industries, such as the healthcare industry, lack of documentation concerning changes is illegal and can result in very hefty fines.

Today’s business owner cannot afford to let yesterday’s technology hold him back. It is obvious to customers and employees when a company is not operating with current methods. Some companies will not do business with a company that does not show it has the proper tools.  

Online timesheet systems have evolved into must have tools for today’s businesses. These systems are available and cost effective. If your company is still operating with old fashion time tracking, consider changing it today.

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