Your Staff Are Your Brand

Your Staff Are Your Brand


I was recently interviewed on radio about entrepreneurship, specifically on ensuring your staff are good brand ambassadors for your business.

The discussion led to these five tips:

1. Realise that employees are ambassadors of your brand. It’s strategic and it’s personal.

It may seem obvious or it may need some conscious consideration but whoever works with you represents you. An entrepreneur lives their brand and is challenged with leading employees to do the same. The first step is to be aware of the strategic importance of staff as ambassadors and to understand that it is personal, to you, the staff and your customers.

2. Recruit people whose personal purpose aligns with your brand. Let them live both brands.

Select staff who have a passion for what you do and for whom making your business vision a reality is making their personal vision a reality, too. Skills are secondary as they can be taught and need to be developed continually anyway. Alignment is key for engagement, competence and ongoing stress management.

3.  Enhance personal and broader brand alignment by developing staff skills. Keep them growing.

Use every opportunity to teach people the big picture and specific skills. This keeps them growing into the business and growing in themselves, which makes them increasingly valuable and self-fulfilled.

4. Manage your relationship with staff closely. They are human, be wise!

With alignment and ongoing development comes a close relationship, especially in a small business. If it’s personal for you and personal for them, the journey will be personal. That’s the key to your brand essence and endurance. It’s your differentiator, too.

People are human beings. They have ups and downs, and life situations to handle. Your wisdom as a leader makes all the difference to the business results and the overall experience for everyone. Rise to the challenge of being your best.

5. Realise that as an entrepreneur you are visionary and making a difference.

Running your business can feel like a struggle just to get everything done and survive month end. It can be a day-to-day challenge. Don’t lose perspective about the impact you are having on staff and their families’ lives and the broader community that you serve. Very few businesses are getting it right. You doing so is important work.


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Robin Wheeler
Robin Wheeler is an author, motivation speaker and is working on television shows that demonstrate being yourself in innovative and artful ways. His books Further Insight and Insight focus on boosting your business and yourself.
  • Kevin Savage

    Robin, this is so true. I find it strange that radio stations employ people who don’t listen to radio.