4 Quirks Of Incredibly Successful Entrepreneurs

4 Quirks Of Incredibly Successful Entrepreneurs



Becoming a success professionally takes blood, sweat and tears. Whether you’re a business owner or climbing the corporate ladder, being a success is something that requires consistent effort.

This constant level of perseverance and determination can be stressful and sometimes it results in you gaining quirky characteristics.

Many famous entrepreneurs and business bigwigs have developed idiosyncrasies that make them stand out. Sometimes there’s method to their madness, like Steve Jobs who wore the same outfit everyday because he claimed this assisted with preventing decision fatigue. However, there are a number of quirks and eccentricities that are commonplace among those who we look up to as successful business owners.

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1. They don’t do their work in the office

They have an office and they house all their equipment and infrastructure in this space but they hardly ever do any productive work there.

Most entrepreneurs do their thinking, planning, creating and innovating outside of the office space. In fact, most of the famous business leaders will purposefully leave the office to inspire their creativity and problem-solving skills.

They often have hobbies or sports they’ll take part in and then further network through these communities. An excellent example of this is Sir Richard Branson, he has identified five places he’s done his best work and none of them are an office.

2. They’ll do anything for a show

Okay perhaps they won’t do anything but they certainly will do what it takes to make the headlines.

Most business owners believe in taking a chance on a riskier than normal campaign.

They know they’ll end up in the media and that’s enough advertising to last them a substantial amount of time.

3. They’re all about the chill

Most entrepreneurs starting out have absolutely no time to relax. And, rightly so considering they’re trying to lift their business off the ground. This often requires around the clock work. However, once the business is active and flourishing it’s vitally important that rest and relaxation is included into a busy work schedule.

Arianna Huffington has written an entire book, The Sleep Revolution, on the importance of sleep and so the topic of appropriate rest is top of mind to most business people. Many successful entrepreneurs encourage including destressing activities into daily routines.

For instance, Evan Williams, founder of Blogger, Twitter and Medium, takes a break in the middle of his working day (everyday) to go to gym. Why? Because it peaks his energy levels, inspires creativity and boosts his focus.

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4. They deconstruct, meditate and analyse

Successful entrepreneurs are obsessed with looking back at past mistakes or successes. They want to analyse their every move and find out exactly what it was that resulted in the success or the failure they experienced.

Some are eccentric, like Russell Simmons (co-founder of Def Jam Records) who believes a session of meditation in the morning leads to a productive day.

Some are more analytical like Travis Kalanick (CEO of Uber) who wants employees who are analytical thinkers above all else. However, in both instances these entrepreneurs spend an enormous amount of time deconstructing every move they’ve made and every move they’re about to make.

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